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Bodie Bentley

Agency Mascot
I was born in Monroe, North Carolina on September 30th, 2019.  I have been homeschooled ever since with a delight in fetch and tug of war.  I know how easy it is to chew things up, and why your items should be insured.  I am a huge supporter of pet insurance and all it entails. I love it when I’m able to make clients and co-workers laugh and smile.  I provide a stress-free environment for everyone to enjoy.
My favorite things in life are tennis balls, digging in the dirt, tricks for treats, tug of war, laying in the grass, back rubs, and running around with the kids.  I love running out the door when my human family doesn’t want me to.  I’m basically a teenage boy that loves to eat and sleep all day long.
When I’m not at work making everyone happy, I love going for walks and being in the woods with the boys.  I’m very passionate about wiping out animal cruelty and finding loving homes for all of them.

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